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The Best Job Listing Theme. Everything you need.

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About Us

Michael Broughton welcomes you to Andersen Steinberg

I’m pleased to be able to introduce you to the talented team at Andersen Steinberg and the reputable work they do for our clients. My vision was always about building a recruitment model which above all things makes life and business easier for our clients. Rather than add complications and layers of paperwork to the recruitment process I wanted to make it a clearly business decision for our clients…let your people get on with what they’re good at while we do what we’re good at, and then we all benefit.

The second part of my vision was to build a company around our best people who have the knowledge and expertise at the core of our value. We have some highly experienced specialist recruiters who know their industry better than anyone else in the market. We’ve freed them up to do what they’re good at, building teams around them to utilise their expertise to the full, and built a reward model which ensures all of our employees are happy. Some of the elements of the website which I’d particularly like our clients and candidates to consider

  • Our diamond delivery model which clearly shows our consultative recruitment methodology
  • The client and candidate recommendations which say much more about us than we ever could
  • And, the case studies to understand how we’ve approached special projects

During what have been some of the toughest economic years of recent history we’ve stayed focused on our strengths, specialising in niche recruitment fields, and building teams around our experts. The future is bright for us, our capability will always be sought by those who value it, and we will always utilise new technologies and media to fine tune our processes. My hope is that our clients will benefit too.
Please reach out to any of our experts for advice on your career, or in building your company with quality people.”

Michael Broughton
Founding Partner, Andersen Steinberg

Leadership Team

Michael Broughton

Founder & Senior Managing Director

Strategy & Operation Executive Search

Laura Terranova

Co-Founder & Senior Managing Director

Strategy Executive Search

Sean Watson

Senior Managing Director

Global Risk, Resilience & Cyber Security

Timothy Turner

Senior Managing Director

Global Technology Advisory Recruitment

Graeme Haigh

Senior Managing Director

Strategy & Operation Executive Search

Hope Chaiwann

Managing Director – Digital 

Global Digital & Strategy Executive Search

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