Its important you can see what we do and how we do it, so we thought it would be helpful to provide some real-life case studies of some of our recruitment assignments.

Some of these were candidate-driven helping an experienced executive find their next employer; while others were client driven, helping our clients find the ideal candidate in sometimes difficult circumstances.  We’re sure you’ll enjoy reading through some of these and understanding more about the way we work.

Case Studies

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Expertise:  Technology Advisory; Strategy; or Risk & Resilience.
Candidate OR Client

Key is that it needs to display sorted results based on which area of the website the user came from.  So if they came from the Technology Client page then automatically sort so these case studies appear at the top.  It should show every case study but the most relevant to that audience will appear at the top.  I will then have a clear division before showing other case studies.

Strategy Executive Search

Case Study – Energy Industry Strategy Executive

One of our Directors was approached by a Senior Executive at one of the world’s largest oil companies to help him make his next career move into a regional leadership role.  He connected via Linkedin and our Career Director was then able to chat to the candidate over the phone to discuss the opportunities in the market and potential target employers...

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Technology Advisory Recruitment

Case Study – European Office Location

Our client, an IT Service Provider with a significant presence in the US came to us for our advice on setting up operations in Europe. Their main concern was how to make sure the location they chose for their office and operations centre would have access to a strong specialised talent pool and be attractive to graduate talent. Additional factors that would weigh on their decision...

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Risk & Resilience Recruitment

Case Study - An Outstanding Candidate

A leading figure in the UK Business Continuity industry asked Andersen Steinberg to help him find a role in the US. He was due to relocate and knew that Andersen Steinberg would be in direct contact with all the main hiring managers in the US just as they were in Europe.

One of Andersen's Directors spoke at length with the Candidate and between them...

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