Case Study - An Outstanding Candidate

A leading figure in the UK Business Continuity industry asked Andersen Steinberg to help him find a role in the US. He was due to relocate and knew that Andersen Steinberg would be in direct contact with all the main hiring managers in the US just as they were in Europe.

One of Andersen's Directors spoke at length with the Candidate and between them they drew up a list of target companies based on the Candidate’s aspirations and skill set. The Andersen recruitment team then contacted the hiring managers of the target companies with the Candidate’s profile and set up a number of introductory meetings.

One company in particular saw an opportunity to bring in an experienced Business Continuity Consultant with practice development expertise and were keen to create a role for the Candidate.

The process progressed over a number of months in line with the hiring manager’s recruitment procedures, and Andersen Steinberg aided in securing a mutually agreed remuneration package.

Case Study - Fast Turn Around

Andersen Steinberg were contacted by a company who knew that Andersen Steinberg were the market leading specialists in the Business Continuity field. The Client required an experienced Business Continuity Project Leader who could deliver consultancy projects for its clients as well as develop a consulting team and practice.

While in conversation with the Client, an Andersen Steinberg Director mentioned a Candidate who had recently relocated to the region the Client was based in. The Candidate had years of experience managing a Business Continuity Practice for a leading Consultancy and was immediately available. The Client was extremely interested, and within a week two interviews had taken place and the Candidate had been hired.

Due to the location of the Client, highly experienced local candidates were in the minority, but due to the advice given regarding the availability of candidates the Client was delighted to recruit an excellent candidate within a very short time period from Andersen Steinberg.

Case Study - Risk Practice Leaders

A consulting client had the aim of launching a strategic risk management practice in several very different global markets: the UK, France, China and several others.  They explained to our team that they needed to recruit a leader for each market – the persons would need to have the proven ability to create a practice and pipeline from scratch, excellent local market knowledge as well as deep subject matter expertise.  They would also need to be real entrepreneurs – with the personal qualities that would allow them to work without the usual “Big 4” support.  For each market through our networks we identified several strong candidates each of whom fulfilled the qualities our client was looking for.  We worked with our client through the selection process and helped negotiate a mutually acceptable compensation package for each leader.  We are now assisting those leaders to build their delivery teams in each country.

Case Study - Hard to find Subject Matter Expert Contractors

A consulting client was preparing a proposal for some lucrative Risk control work at a flagship university (KAUST) in the Middle East.  Our client wanted to enhance their proposal by including a serving IT executive from a prestigious American university as part of the consulting team.  The CIO would need experience implementing a specific academic ERP package as well as strong knowledge of internal control issues.  And the client needed to identify, interview and select the candidate within 2 weeks.  Our research team immediately got to work networking within the academic community and was able to shortlist several strong candidates within a few days.  Our client selected one of our candidates, won the bid and won several follow on contracts too.

Our client was suitably impressed with our work and was soon asking for a variety of subject matter experts on a short term contract basis to add to their risk engagements.  These included: Judicial Reform experts with International NGO experience, Export Controls experts familiar with supercomputer restrictions, Law Enforcement experts with intelligence business process knowledge, Auto industry experts, Hospital Finance experts with prior CFO experience.  In each case we were able to source and shortlist suitable contractor candidates within a short time frame, greatly enhancing our client’s reputation in the marketplace.

Case Study - Global Head of Business Continuity

Andersen Steinberg were recommended to this multinational information company to help them fill their vacancy for a Global Head of Business Continuity.

Having relationships in place with the vast majority of the senior Business Continuity industry leaders worldwide, the search for a global head of BCM had a strong focus from its beginning.

Within hours a target list was drawn up and the selection process had started. After several discussions and interviews with potential candidates to ensure the best fit possible, the client was presented with a shortlist of three of the industry’s leading BCM heads, making it difficult for the client to choose between them.

After extensive interviews, the client made an offer to one of the candidates and Andersen Steinberg worked closely with both parties to bring the hire to a successful conclusion.

Case Study - A Niche Role

There are times when the ideal candidate for a role doesn’t exist.

Andersen Steinberg’s Client, a major pharmaceutical corporation, required a Director of Business Continuity who had a specific background in pharmaceutical research. Having spoken to the BC teams at other pharmaceutical organisations about the role it became apparent to Andersen Steinberg that there were very few people, if any, within the industry that met these requirements.

Andersen Steinberg therefore worked with the Client to look at the actual requirements of the role and worked together toward creating a short list of candidates who had the experience for the necessary elements of the role, and the ability to quickly learn the other elements.

Andersen Steinberg’s US team’s knowledge of the candidates within each vertical industry ensured that they were able to provide recruitment advice to their Client along with a short list of the best candidates for the position.

Case Study - ERM Practice setup

A global consultancy client (one of the largest consultancies in the world) asked Andersen Steinberg to help identify a leader who could create and lead a US Corporate ERM consulting practice.   The candidate would need a good reputation in the market, excellent subject matter knowledge and a proven consulting pedigree and preferably be accompanied by other members of his team!
We discreetly reached out to people who were in similar roles at most of our client’s competitors and identified several possible candidates for the role.  Our client interviewed our shortlisted candidates and focused on a team from a competitor.  We worked with both parties to help them understand each other’s aims and goals all the way through to assisting in negotiating compensation packages and terms of employment.

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