Case Study – European Office Location

Our client, an IT Service Provider with a significant presence in the US came to us for our advice on setting up operations in Europe. Their main concern was how to make sure the location they chose for their office and operations centre would have access to a strong specialised talent pool and be attractive to graduate talent. Additional factors that would weigh on their decision included tax and regulatory regimes, the location of their potential client base, availability of prestigious office space local costs of living and local salaries. 

After discussing their criteria at length, our research team sourced data from a combination of open source information and interviews with key industry figures in several target locations. They then sat down and brought everything together in a series of discussions to work out what would work best for our client. At several points during the process, we consulted our client to further refine our understanding of their needs.

The final product helped our client by providing clear, well supported answers to the key questions that would help them make a good decision. Based on our research, our client was an informed decision that was key to their growth plans.

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