What We Do

Andersen Steinberg’s expertise is in recruitment for three core areas:

  • Strategy
  • Technology Advisory
  • Risk & Resilience

We have dedicated teams for each market and they have years of experience and extensive client and candidate networks which they leverage for each search.

Our services include:

  • Retained Search
  • Contingency Search
  • Executive Search and Career Management
  • Freelance Contractor Recruitment
  • Board Member Appointment
  • Employee Attrition Advisory

Please contact a Director of the appropriate team to discuss how we can help your organisation with its recruitment plans.


Many companies claim to be unique and quite frankly very few are.  As individuals though we feel we’re unique because of the personality traits, characteristics and experiences that make us who we are.  When viewed as an individual Andersen Steinberg is unique because of our characteristics, our approach to recruitment, and because of our experiences.  Here’s some of the facets of that unique personality which we believe giving us a cutting edge in our markets:

Honesty & Openness – this is what drives our service levels, our communication with clients and is the foundation of the long term relationships we have secured.

Flexibility – we’re a smaller company, with various global locations, and a dynamic leadership team.  

Quality driven – we don’t want to be a mass low level recruitment agency, we know it won’t benefit our clients or ourselves.  We focus on the quality and depth of our service, which justifies our premium rates.

Experience – our teams are experienced in our three markets.  They’re specialists with industry and functional knowledge, which means they know what they’re looking for and understand you.

Understanding – we try our best to understand what our client wants.  Its rarely the same every time and often changes throughout the recruitment process.